Name        : Michael John Kadiliman
Age           : 1
Hometown  : Philippines
CS2D IGN  : Darkwolf~* / oRanGe~*/
Fisting     : Medium
Arming       : Fast
Footing  : Medium
Occupation : Charity for pornstars


Darkwolf was one of the known clan | Fisting Legends |. After defeating the clan HL, darkwolf went missing.

Last year, at November Darkwolf came back with horny news. And since he was horny at himself for

no reason what so ever he decided to fist anyone who would stand in his way. Punishtube is his main

porn site, after a few days he

met his friend SurfingGamer87 again. After a few weeks exactly at January 1 , 2013. Darkwolf joined 

surfing's new clan known as | Players United |. After the few days had passed he met an old friend known as

Skype. Skype came in and sucked Surf at least Darkwolf tried his best with fucking with Skyep and eventually,

completely changed skye's attitude. |P.U| clan already defeated 1,000,000 clans this season, HHF. After 3 consecutive

days, one of the members known as "Neon" has fisted the main clan. Now that darkwolf heard that Mcore

is cumming back, he will be masturbating for the worst. Darkwolf maybe friendly but beware, his dick can change

his sperm. You should always learn wolf is not any ordinary wolf, never mess with the Darkwolf.