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is the leader and founder of "Players United".


After MJBS died, Surf was trying his best to revive it, But failed. So, he decided to make a new clan. and a new cs2d story. He formed "Players United" on December 31, 2012.

When he made P.U, It recieved no attention. Until he recruited R.Mind. Then, Techiez saw Surf in a server. And wanted to join Surf's clan. 

After days went by, Skye, From MJBS. Decided to come back and warns Surf. Though, Darkwolf backed up Surf and completely changed Skye.

In a few weeks, a P.U Member by the name of "Neon." betrayed P.U. This was the second time Surf ever experienced a "Betreyal". The first one was from Skye back in MJBS.

Since Neon's betreyal, Neon has been playing "cat and mouse" with Surf. And this eventually started Surf's feud with former MJBS and P.U Member, Neon.

After, The P.U Server has finally opened. and now, Surf needs to protect this Server from Neon, and other hackers around CS2D.


Surf has been nice to Friends. Especially, Darkwolf and Skye. Though when you mess with Surf, Be prepared to be P.U's Enemy.