is an Ex- P.U Member. and the brother of former P.U Third In Command, Techiez.


Xavier joined P.U on January 11, 2013. After awhile he decided to quit CS2D.

But after he find out Techiez quitted cs2d too because of Neon, He wanted revenge. So he joined PU Once more to defeat and stop Neon.

He vowed to quit cs2d to bring back Techiez on Neon's defeat.

However he failed to do it. Neon has turned good before he can make a move.

So he quitted P.U again and successfuly brought back Techiez

After some months

He became the Vice Leader of P.U , He has met Guardian and became friends with him. P.U and BL (guardian's clan) were allied.

But after some weeks. P.U and BL  has became enemies because of a fight of Xavier and Guardian.

So Xavier decided to clan war BL. with punishments of... loser gets to quit cs2d forever. Unfortunately.

P.U lost. so Xavier volunteered to be the one quitting.

After 1 month

P.U and BL became allies again. Xavier was neutral about it. Still thinking how to get rid of BL, Xavier finally had enough of it. and just let things go with the flow.

Xavier became friends with Guardian again. They have both apologized for what happened in their fight.

Guardian asked Xavier to come back to P.U and ignore what happened in the cw. Like to pretend it was just an FW

Xavier agreed and rejoined back to P.U as a member.

Then after Cirium closed down his servers. P.U became inactive.

Surf, ZXavier88Z , And EpicP3nguin tried to keep P.U alive even if it was very inactive

But ZXavier88Z grew tired of it and decided to join [BoW] instead

He was accepted in [BoW] and there goes a new journey of ZXavier88Z


Intelligent, Full of Ideas, can psychologize Players by how they chat. Unstopabble rage guy.